Market Size and Potential

This discovery is compatible with all diesel engines. Diesel engines exhibit high thermal efficiency, a factor which is expected to fuel market demand in the next 5-10 years.

Clean Diesel Retrofit Applications
Retrofits of existing diesel systems are an excellent opportunity to reduce emissions and fuel consumption while improving the environment.

  • Shuttle & Transit Buses
  • Auxiliary Power Units
  • Transport Refrigeration Units
  • Generator Sets
  • Portable Lighting Systems
  • Underground Mining

On-Road applications include transit and shuttle buses, fleets, and Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRU) for trucks.

  • US Total Diesel Cars 2018 7.4 M
  • US Total Diesel Vehicles 2018 250 M

Off-Road applications include construction equipment, generator sets, portable lighting systems and underground mining equipment. Growing demand for heavy end equipment across several industries is expected to be another key growth factor for the diesel engine market. There are several major factors that affect the potential market for diesel engines and the market for emissions devices:

  • The need to develop engines that limit emissions without degrading performance is a challenge to the diesel engine market growth.
  • Diesel engines exhibit high thermal efficiency, which is also expected to fuel market demand.
  • Surging demand for construction and auxiliary power equipment provides several market growth opportunities.

Demand for engines that help limit harmful emissions, while maintaining performance


Rise in gasoline prices will increase demand for diesel fuel


Diesel engines that can meet strict government emission regulations


High investments in mining and construction industry

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Does not require ultra-low sulfur diesel
  • No annual or periodic cleaning, No annual maintenance costs
  • No regeneration cycle
  • Works with any exhaust temperature
  • Does not raise exhaust backpressure and does not require a monitor/alarm
  • In-pipe location of probe minimizes installation cost
  • Removes 70+% of the PM
  • The unit is relatively small
  • No reduction in fuel economy